Are millennials’ confused expectations contributing to their job hunting woes?

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Should we have a discussion about job expectations in this new economy? In this FoxNews article I highlight a few things I see hampering millennials in their post college job transition and those later in their careers looking to progress. It certainly struck a nerve with some as the comment section lit up with wild […]

How TwentySomethings Are Changing the Workplace

An era of new corporate responsibility

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I recently wrote an essay for Relevant Magazine. Due to its length it was shortened (you can read the shorter Relevant Magazine version here.) For those who would like to read the full version I have posted it below. This is an important economic issue that will impact each of us and everyone we know. […]

The Most Important Questions Millennials Aren’t Asking

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I have long believed that the quality of our lives is determined in large part by the quality of our questions. What we ask leads us to truth and can then lead us toward objectives and goals that make up the significant aspects of our lives. My curious mind and constant question-asking in college earned […]

Work: It’s Not a Four Letter Word

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Work can be a four-letter word in our culture. Pundits demagogue against successful businesses, and demonize the one-percent as “financial parasites” said to be profiting unfairly. Charitable and non-profit work is extolled often as a better way to help a community. But in truth, if you want to change the world, consider starting a business […]

Six Steps to Kick-Start Your Career After College

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I recently was asked to write an article for giving advice to college grads on how to transition into the workforce and jump start their careers. Working with college students around the country and with placement agencies, these are the six key steps that I have learned make a huge difference. I hope you […]

How to Win the Game of Loans


Too many graduates will exchange their Cap and Gown after graduation for a ball and chain, debt that will follow them around like the proverbial weights hung on Jacob Marley in Charles Dickens “A Christmas Carole.” Today, about seven in 10 college graduates leave school with debt, averaging $30,000. But it is the other three […]