What Would Jesus Want to See on Your Resume?

What does Jesus want to see on your resume?

I asked myself this question as I recently spoke to the CEO of one of the largest placement and recruiting companies in the nation. I wanted to know what employers want to see on the resumes of people they are hiring today?  What are the new key qualifications?  What types of activities are important? What can a person do to be more marketable in this tight jobs environment and land the job they are seeking or get that new promotion? He offered some amazing insights I will share shortly.

Surprisingly, he said that community service and involvement in social activities is starting to become a very big deal in the hiring process.  As companies become more involved in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) projects they want members of their team who are passionate and committed to helping others and making the world a better place. We know Jesus has a lot to say about the subject of serving others. He calls us to serve, help, and put others first.  Corporate America is starting to realize having these qualities in their people makes good business sense as well.  So much so, many organizations are seeking out people who are involved, care, and have experience in charity and community service.

I gave my ideas and opinion in a USA Today article just published yesterday.  You can read it at this link. The title was simple, “What Would Jesus Want to See on Your Resume?” It has received some interesting comments and feedback.  What do you think?  If you would like to add your commentary and give your opinion please visit my blog at www.RobertDickie.com  How are you serving in your community and how do you show this on your resume? Have you found it to be important in your current work role?  What advice would you give to someone looking for employment and needing help?

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