Economies Thrive on Hope, Not Jealousy

A staggering 40% of all unemployed are millennials highlighted recent U.S. census data.  The slowly improving jobs numbers which are tweaked in many different ways to appear better than they really are hide massive structural issues beneath the surface of this economy. The unemployment numbers may say 6.1% according to the latest numbers but the reality is much worse.

The economy has changed and policies that have been enacted to help in many cases are hurting the economy and those at the bottom end of the socioeconomic spectrum.  Millennials (ages 18-35) are some of the hardest hit.   My article in the Federalist Economies Thrive On Hope Not Jealousy, highlight some of the problems and offers solutions.

This blog offers solutions for those trying to find work, advance in their career, or take the leap to an empowered life being in control of your destiny by starting a side career as a freelancer or entrepreneur.

Why is this important?  Because the world has fundamentally changed and relying on corporate America or a single source of income is very risky.

Why should you start to take action now?  Because things might be slowly improving on the surface but structural issues have not been fixed.  The US economy although not fully recovered is in the forth longest bull market in history without a 10% correction.

What does this mean?  We are in for a correction.  The experts know it and when it comes it will impact everyone.  Now is the time to start preparing.  If you are prepared, you will notice the storm but you will weather it much better than those who made no plans, took on too much debt, and only had a single source of income.

Be proactive, take control, and regardless of all the issues going on around you start creating the future you dream about.

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