Success Follows Passion

Are you passionate about your career? Are you passionate about your job? I have discovered that those looking for success most often find it when they tap into their passion. When this happens they never have to seek it again, success will follow them once they make that leap.  We don’t get any “do-overs” at the end of this game of life so it is important we make our lives count.

My goal in writing “The Leap” is to give people a step-by-step plan to help them discover their passion, create a plan, and then execute on that plan to have success so they can live a life of fulfillment as they accomplish what they were put on this earth to do.  It is never too late for us to get started.

The first step I recommend in my book is for people to gain better insight and understanding of their passions, drives, talents, skills, and where they are best designed to have success.  One of the best assessments I have found to help in this self discovery process is Career Direct and I highly recommend getting started in this process by taking that assessment. I have first hand experience on how this has helped thousands of people make major life changes.

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