What if more employers acted like George Bailey?

I was recently asked during a radio interview what employers could do to show greater loyalty to employees and to build a culture of long-term employment and commitment from their staff. In this part-time economy that is growing at a rapid rate since the Great Recession of 2008 many media outlets think it is people who are moving frequently and “looking for a better job” not showing loyalty to businesses.

The reality is that most people want certainty and stability. Employees want to find long-term work and they want to build a career with companies. Many businesses facing tough economic conditions are looking to reduce fixed cost and are moving to short-term employment contracts and temporary labor so they can have more variable cost too be more nimble in this economy.

I highlight in this article at Real Clear Religion what business leaders can do to build a stable and profitable business while building trust and long term commitment with their staff. The key, never put profits ahead of people! For those searching for a career be on the look out for companies that value their employees more than profits and you will find a company that will win in this new dynamic global economy and that is a company worth building your career around. What do you think? How many companies and business leaders out there do you know strive for this?

Click here to read the entire article, Imagine a World of George Baileys

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