Give the Gift of a Successful Career!

How much is a successful career worth today? This Christmas season if you know of a high school or college student making plans for their career or a mid-career professional who is unhappy and considering a transition, consider giving them the gift of a book that contains practical tools and resources that will inspire and help them on their journey.

The economy is changing and it is radically impacting careers for everyone. Help those in your life make important adjustments so they will have success in their career now and into the future.

After a great deal of research and interviewing key leaders from around the world, I wrote The Leap: Launching Your Full-Time Career in Our Part-Time Economy to provide a practical application guide book to explain how the global economy is quickly changing and how everyone can make adjustments to have viable careers and long term success in this new part-time world.

This is what these readers have said about the book…

  • Fantastic book for anyone considering leaving their current job, worried about their current employment, and need to take their career in their own hands, or someone looking to start their own business. The best part of this book is the practical application. Too many leadership and self help books spend all their pages discussing theory but The Leap provides numerous step-by-step directions and applicable advice you can get started on today. My only complaint is the book wasn’t written six years ago when I started my own business. Give this book the highest marks and personally bought 30 additional copies to hand out to friends and family who can use the direction provided in The Leap. – Tom Maguire
  • A much needed book that will be a great help to young people today that are facing the difficult challenge of finding a job in today’s economy. It’s full of great suggestions that will give them some practical advice and guidance for their future. Robert’s strategies will also help those seasoned individuals confused about the new economy and what they can do. I look forward to directing The Leap to all that are facing those challenges addressed by Robert. Fantastic book, a must read!!! Craig Cooper
  • This book is well written, informative, and a great aid. It answers many questions concerning the challenges of our economy. The state of our economy has left many individuals worried and some jobless. Dickie cites statistics that help you understand the history and future of our economy. He directs young and old who are wondering what career path to take. Technology is what is taking place today. If technology can do your job then it will. He helps those who are further along in life to understand what is taking place, and says some may even need to further their education (12). Especially since our economy is technology based. He says, “if your job can be automated, it will be automated” (12). This book helped me to understand more about globalization and what is going on in the job market today. – Holly Ritter
  • Timely for young and old alike this is especially helpful for those in high school and college who are searching for their purpose in life. Far from the normal fluff based on stories and theory, this book has a step by step plan for each chapter and practical resources to use. My kids in college are getting this! – SuperMom

For a limited number of people this season, I will sign and write a word of encouragement in this book and have it gift wrapped and sent to them for Christmas. Use this link to get started!  

Merry Christmas! Robert Dickie III

I am the President of Crown. As a married father of six, I still find time to be a Spartan Race enthusiast, author, and lifelong learner passionate about continuous improvement and helping others!

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