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4 Practical Ways to Pivot to Your Best Career

Merry Christmas! I hope you have had a great 2016. Brandi and I have had a wonderful year as we welcomed an addition to our family. Zevadiah “Zev” Kingston is our little caboose and has completely stolen our hearts. We feel blessed to have amazing “bookend sons” and four wonderful daughters. As you can imagine, this is our family’s favorite time of year with a house full of hustle and bustle, noise, and all sorts of good crazy. Just how we like it! 🙂

Amidst all the travel, sleepless nights with a newborn, and work obligations, I managed to find some time to finish my second book. I find a bit of peace and a source of energy in doing it. I do my best writing late at night when my family is sleeping while I listen to a Hans Zimmer score, or during a long summer vacation I take with my family. It’s these little moments of solitude where I try to encapsulate things I have learned as I travel and work with others.

The title of the book is Love Your Work: 4 Practical Ways to Pivot to Your Best Career. Furthermore, in mid January I will be releasing the Life Plan: Success Guide with tools and resources for all readers and I would love to give you one.

Right now we are all winding down getting ready to enjoy the holidays, but come January most of us will hit the ground running with new goals for personal fitness, our finances, and for many our careers.

Over the past few years as I have worked with many people around the country, I came to realize that most of them could be placed into one of four career quadrants. Everyone I worked with talked about wanting to do something they were passionate about but they also wanted great career opportunities. Many thought they could have one or the other but not both. Everyone wants to have fun WHILE on a rocket ship of opportunity! The reality…it’s possible to have both and it’s easier to get than most realize.

Where do you find yourself on this graph? I learned that each zone has unique challenges and that those who intentionally navigated their careers to places of massive opportunities followed proven prinnciples. The following are just a few examples.

Repurpose – Take for example, the young attorney about to be made partner of his law firm ahead of his peers. He has a great opportunity but is not passionate about it and longs to have more impact. He was in the Repurpose Quadrant until he took the steps to live the life he was meant to live.

Reinvent – A single baby boomer nearing retirement lost her job and was faced with tough choices. She needed to have a total career make-over and reinvent herself. Even in the later stages of life she embarked on an exciting journey launching a new career and business and in the process had more fun than ever before.

Revector – A two-time American Olympian at the end of his career found himself with passion for his sport but dwindling opportunity as an aging athlete. He needed to totally Revector, building on momentum he had already created and he launched a second act to have even greater success.

Renewal – The goal is for all of us to be in the zone of renewal where we have continued opportunities and abundant enthusiasm for our career and work because we are in the sweet spot doing what we have dreamed about and what we were designed to do. Getting here is important but staying can be tricky. We need to constantly add new skills and develop to stay ahead of our peers while understanding changes in the global economy that will impact us.

As I worked with people and spoke with career professionals around the country, I realized that there are key principles and action steps that the successful leverage that everyone should be using in their careers. I’ve distilled their life lessons down for you along with giving you practical tools and resources to help you take your career to the next level.

It is very simple. I was intentional in creating Love Your Work. I want you to be inspired and motivated by the stories but more importantly to be equipped with the right tools and resources to super-charge your career so you go to work every Monday morning loving your work more than ever before.

If you have some time, I encourage you to buy a copy of this book on Amazon over the holidays and get a jump start on the new year. Take the easy personality assessment to find out your strengths. Finish the Career Direct assessment to learn how you are wired with unique passions, skills, gifts, and the values that are most important to you. With this information and other resources in this book you will be able to take the next step with my free Life Plan: Success Guide to craft short and long range career plans for the new year.

Thanks for your support in the past and I wish you the best in your future. I hope this book helps you along the way! I’ve found a little time invested on our careers can have outsized rewards! Start 2017 with a plan and make it your best career year ever.

Sincerely, Bob III

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3 thoughts on “Love Your Work

  1. I heard part of Robert Dickie on Point of View 4-17-17… couldn’t get through to ask. Which book is info about MOOCS in? The Leap or Love your Work?
    Also, wanting my husband to do Career Direct Assessment. He is very good at a lot of things, but is currently working to pay our bills (and I love him for it.) I would like him to LOVE going to work again.

    When should someone do Career Direct Assessment? Wondering about my 8th grader… is it too soon?

    • Wendy, I hope you enjoyed the show. I write about MOOCs in both books. The Leap might have more information and more resources that deal with this topic and being a life long learner and how to leverage it in your new career. I highly recommend checking out It is one of my favorites. I recently finished two classes and received certificates of completion. Please let me know if you need more information. Bob

    • Wendy, I highly recommend Career Direct for your husband. It will really help. 8th or 9th grade would be a good time to do an assessment on your child. Let me know if you need help getting set up with a consultant to work with. We have thousands all over the world and some of the best are right here in the US…maybe in your city. Let me know how I can help. All the best, bob