Living Your True Genius – Podcast

I loved my time speaking with J. Massey on the Cash Flow Diary. I hope this talk on entrepreneurship, career pivots, finding your purpose, lifelong education, and living life in “your zone” helps you on your journey! (Click here to hear the entire Podcast)

For those who don’t know where to start on their career journey I highly recommend starting with a Career Direct assessment to understand your unique design so you can craft a career plan that will put you in “your zone” so you can be fulfilled and have success.


CFD 440 – Robert Dickie On Living Your True Genius


“Our fears almost never come to pass!”

“The most important thing to learn is HOW to learn and how to QUICKLY leverage that knowledge in your favor.”

“The most important battle to win is with the critic inside your head.”

“An entrepreneur is someone who is willing to work 80 hours a week for themselves so they don’t have to work 40 hours a week for someone else.”

“Remember that your initial gut reaction is almost always wrong.”

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