Love Your Work

4 Practical Ways to Pivot to Your Best Career


Merry Christmas! I hope you have had a great 2016. Brandi and I have had a wonderful year as we welcomed an addition to our family. Zevadiah “Zev” Kingston is our little caboose and has completely stolen our hearts. We feel blessed to have amazing “bookend sons” and four wonderful daughters. As you can imagine, […]

The Most Important Questions Millennials Aren’t Asking

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I have long believed that the quality of our lives is determined in large part by the quality of our questions. What we ask leads us to truth and can then lead us toward objectives and goals that make up the significant aspects of our lives. My curious mind and constant question-asking in college earned […]

Take the Leap!

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Why are we so afraid to jump?  I have often encouraged people to take “The Leap.”  In all stages of our lives, we stand at some proverbial edge.  We will be faced with the decision to take the leap or let our fear hold us back.  We will have a desire to do something incredible, […]