The Most Important Questions Millennials Aren’t Asking

I have long believed that the quality of our lives is determined in large part by the quality of our questions. What we ask leads us to truth and can then lead us toward objectives and goals that make up the significant aspects of our lives. My curious mind and constant question-asking in college earned […]

Tip 7: Serve Others

Have you ever prayed for a miracle or asked yourself, “Do miracles really happen?”  I have been blessed to experience real miracles in my life.  Some people might dismiss it as coincidence, luck, serendipity, or good karma but I believe the miracles I have witnessed in my life are true answers of prayer.  I have […]

Tip 6: Join the Team

The stress of unemployment can slowly build a mental purgatory of negative thoughts that alter your mood, behavior, and outlook.  Without a support team and a positive attitude I have seen people slowly self-destruct while battling long-term unemployment.  The stress during this time can be almost insurmountable.  In our society many times people have their […]

Tip 5: Develop Multiple Income Streams

As the dust settled from the crash of 2008, global citizens were still dazed after witnessing the unthinkable, the collapse of institutions where trust and security had been placed for generations.  This ushered in a new reality that people could hardly understand.  The paper statements that came in the mail and the online reports showing […]

Tip 4: Build Your Brand

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.  If you think about that you will do things differently.”  – Warren Buffett Most people have an emotional connection with a brand that resonates with them for some reason.  Great brands are simple and tap into your emotions.  Think about Nike, […]