Living Your True Genius – Podcast

I loved my time speaking with J. Massey on the Cash Flow Diary. I hope this talk on entrepreneurship, career pivots, finding your purpose, lifelong education, and living life in “your zone” helps you on your journey! (Click here to hear the entire Podcast) For those who don’t know where to start on their career journey […]

A World Without Work?

The Danger and the Opportunity

(Photo Credit: Reuters) It was a tech guy who was one of the first to raise the alarm about tech—specifically, about its impact on workers. In his January 2012 piece, “Race Against the Machine,”1 Erik Brynjolffson, director of the MIT Center for Digital Business, along with his associate director, Andrew McAfee, wrote that the labor […]

The Education Dilemma:

The 4 Things You Need to Know to Craft a Plan that Works for Your Family

Life is so simplistic in our youth. Of course, we don’t realize it at the time. It is methodically organized by semesters and terms with an easy-to-follow routine from dawn to dusk. We are given preplanned course work and told if we follow the plan, it will result in a degree (high school and college). […]

The Key to Success: Be the Best Version of You!

You’re on your way! You’ve done all the right things to prep for a career or at least your first real job. Your grades are excellent; you’ve talked to counselors and others you respect about possible careers; you even did a job shadowing with a friend from church. You know about the difference between hanging […]

How to Achieve Your Greatest Career Potential (Without Leaving Your Job)

Do you ever walk to your car after an especially brutal day of work thinking, “That’s it. I’m done”? As you commute home, do you think through all your possible options open to you if you were to leave your dysfunctional workplace? I’ve had days like that. In today’s stress-filled economy, this is a recurring […]

Brexit and Trump: A Vote On Globalization and How It Will Impact You

It’s been a crazy year. As the last days of 2016 have taken fan-favorite stars like Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds, and George Michael, Facebook and Twitter have been ablaze with people sharing their displeasure that 2016 seems to be adding insult to injury in its waning moments before it exits into the history books. “You […]