How to Achieve Your Greatest Career Potential (Without Leaving Your Job)

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Do you ever walk to your car after an especially brutal day of work thinking, “That’s it. I’m done”? As you commute home, do you think through all your possible options open to you if you were to leave your dysfunctional workplace? I’ve had days like that. In today’s stress-filled economy, this is a recurring […]

Brexit and Trump: A Vote On Globalization and How It Will Impact You


It’s been a crazy year. As the last days of 2016 have taken fan-favorite stars like Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds, and George Michael, Facebook and Twitter have been ablaze with people sharing their displeasure that 2016 seems to be adding insult to injury in its waning moments before it exits into the history books. “You […]

Love Your Work

4 Practical Ways to Pivot to Your Best Career


Merry Christmas! I hope you have had a great 2016. Brandi and I have had a wonderful year as we welcomed an addition to our family. Zevadiah “Zev” Kingston is our little caboose and has completely stolen our hearts. We feel blessed to have amazing “bookend sons” and four wonderful daughters. As you can imagine, […]

How to Win the Game of Loans


Too many graduates will exchange their Cap and Gown after graduation for a ball and chain, debt that will follow them around like the proverbial weights hung on Jacob Marley in Charles Dickens “A Christmas Carole.” Today, about seven in 10 college graduates leave school with debt, averaging $30,000. But it is the other three […]

Does a free education provide value?

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Laurie Pickard, the founder of the “No Pay MBA” and I participated in a webinar two months ago discussing the education revolution. She was highlighted in the London Financial Times today and made this stunning comment. “I live in one of the poorest countries in Africa, and am getting a world-class business education for the price […]

MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are revolutionizing higher education and the business landscape. Learn how you can leverage these courses with certifications from the worlds most prestigious universities to further your career. Industry expert, Laurie Pickard, gives insight you can not afford to miss. You can get an Ivy League education for free with certifications that will set you apart from your peers! Get your head start today.

Are you using MOOCs to advance your career?

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“Software is eating the world!” exclaimed venture capitalist and technology expert Marc Andreseen in a Wall Street Journal interview in 2014. Marc was passionately explaining why he felt there wasn’t a tech bubble and that more and more technology would be developed at a faster pace, disrupting traditional business models. MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) […]