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  1. This is really intriguing, You’re a very knowledgeable blog writer. We’ve joined up with your current supply and grow in place intended for hunting for really your current spectacular article. Also, I have distributed your website during my internet sites

  2. I’m currently reading your book “The Leap”, which I found very helpful but I have a question for you.
    In it you said that we need a mentor or life coach. How can I do that when I’m financially struggling and can’t really afford one and I also not very social, therefore, I don’t know anyone that can be a mentor?

    • Rosa,

      I highly recommend seeking a mentor or coach in your local area that would be willing to help you. You don’t have to pay for a “full time” professional coach. Some of my best mentors and coaches have been people I knew who were older and wiser than me that were willing to spend a hour a week talking to me over coffee helping me through business or personal issues. That is where I would start. I have found that successful people always like paying it forward and helping others. Just be a good student. Be respectful of their time! I am confident you will be able to find someone who will help you on your journey. I hope this helps! Bob