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The World Is Flat

World renowned author Thomas Friedman who wrote The Lexus and the Olive Tree and The World is Flat has passionately argued that the new fast changing global economy requires that we constantly acquire new skills and re-educate ourselves to stay relevant.  My Harvard Business School professors have agreed emphasizing that within this new global economy that those with advanced educations will earn disproportionately more and more and those who are not educated will be left behind.  Furthermore, author John Maxwell has famously opined, “All leaders are readers!”  One thing is certain, continuous education and reading is critical to advance and stay relevant in this economy.

Over dinner I once asked Harvard professor Krishna Palepeu, senior advisor to the Harvard University President what advice he would give his children to be successful in this new world.  Without a second thought he said, “Travel the world and understand all the different cultures, speak a second language, and become a lifelong learner.”  This is excellent advice I have given my children and take to heart as well.

I was blessed early in my career to have mentors that inspired me to become a  lifelong learner and it has had a tremendous impact on my career.  I can say that I feel I have learned more post collegiately via intensive reading than I did during my days in school.  Below is a list of books that have had a profound impact in my life as a business professional and I highly recommend them to you. I also include a list of other resources like podcasts, education sites, and job sites that I have found to be very valuable.  If you have a few you like that are not on this list please let me know.

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