1. What is the major goal, KPI (Key Performance Indicator) or focus for the company and/or senior leadership team?

2. How can I “lean in” to help you, the company, the team achieve this goal?

Education is critical for success in this new economy. However, don’t get caught in these five student loan pitfalls.

MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are revolutionizing higher education and the business landscape. Learn how you can leverage these courses with certifications from the worlds most prestigious universities to further your career. Industry expert, Laurie Pickard, gives insight you can not afford to miss. You can get an Ivy League education for free with certifications that will set you apart from your peers! Get your head start today.

This short but profound video by Simon Sinek at TED launched a whole new discussion world-wide regarding a simple question; “What is Your Why?”  Simon has gone from an unknown leader to a global icon and his book Start With Why is a must read for all leaders and entrepreneurs.